Conference: Shifting Paradigms – Economics in the 21st Century

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17-19 November 2017, University of Aberdeen

Join us at our annual conference featuring more than 20 select speakers from Oxford, Leeds, LSE, UCL, Greenwich, the New Economics Foundation and, of course, Aberdeen!


With Shifting Paradigms, we aim to create a critical and diverse academic forum to uncover and debate the economic challenges of our time. These include:


1. The Ecological Boundaries of the Planet
2. The Political Economy of Gender, Race, and Religion
3. Macroeconomic Policy & the Crisis of Global Finance
4. The Future of Automation and Artificial Intelligence




We are also holding an essay competition, which will endow gifted undergraduate students with the unique opportunity to present their papers at a real academic conference. Per each of our four topics, three winning essays will be selected. Travel, accommodation, and ticket costs will be covered for all twelve winners of the competition. Make sure to submit your paper – don’t pass up this chance!


For more information about the conference, our speakers, and how to buy tickets, please consult our event website



or contact us here!

2017 AGM Wed 29th March

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Wednesday 29th March 17:00, MR317 Macrobert building.

The time of the year has come with the chance for all members of APEG to become more involved in events and activities by joining the APEG Committee. Being part of the committee gives you the chance to get an insight view of the society and makes it possible to get your ideas heard and actively shape the future of APEG.
The elections for positions will be held during our AGM on Wednesday 29th March 2017.

The AGM is an event used for both electing new committee positions, as well as reflecting on the progress of the society in the last year and updating the members on our events in the future.

The positions that will be open for election are:

  • President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • PR & Media Officer
  • Group Relations Officer

To be able to be elected for one of the positions mentioned above simply send us an email or a message on Facebook. In the message mention which position you would like to hold and why.

We are looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible.
Refreshments will be provided

The Econocracy

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Next week on Tuesday the 14th of March at 5pm,  we have a talk given by Cahal Moran on the new book The Econocracy. Born out or Manchester’s Post Crash Economics Society, an exploration, or critique, of the structure of Economics as taught at University.

The book have made quite a splash with reviews:

The Guardian by Aditya Chakrabortty

LSE by Maxine Montaigne.

International Review of Economics Education by Andrew Mearman

International Review of Economics Education by Edmund Cannon


Movie Screening – Four Horsemen

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Tuesday 7th March at 6pm till 8pm in NK03 New Kings.

We would like to invite you for another night together with us watching a movie. This time we take a look at “Four Horsemen”, which tries to explain how the world really works with the help of professionals from different areas of expertise.

The modern day Four Horsemen continue to ride over the people who can least afford it. Crises are converging when governments, religion, and mainstream economists have stalled. 23 international thinkers come together and break their silence about how the world really works and why there is still hope in re-establishing a moral and just society.

Four Horsemen is free from mainstream media propaganda, doesn’t bash bankers, criticize politicians or get involved in conspiracy theories. The film ignites the debate about how we usher a new economic paradigm into the world which, globally, would dramatically improve the quality of life for billions.

We are looking forward seeing you all and have some interesting discussions after the movie!

Snacks and drinks are provided.

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Is Populism an Economic Problem?

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There are many reactions to the current rise in populism, and one which is considered in The Guardian’s Politics Weekly Podcast last week, was Should economists share the blame for populism?.

Looking at the Brexit and Trump votes in the context of the current economic situation, the turn to populism and alternative to the orthodoxy, is driven by a deep dissatisfaction with the current status-quo, is this a reaction to the current economy, there is a diversity of opinion on the panel.

Ann Pettifor is uncompromising in her criticism of the profession, She released a new book this Month The Production of Money.

At the and of the podcast the academic teaching of economics is brought up and what constituted the body of knowledge taught to students, this again was met with a diversity of perspectives from the panelists.

Next month we have Cahal Moran to talk about a book he co-wrote  The Econocracy, which is predominantly about the academic economics profession.

The Econocracy – with Cahal Moran

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Tuesday 14th March at 5pm till 6:30pm in NK01, New Kings, University of Aberdeen.

The Aberdeen Political Economy Group (APEG) would like to invite you to an amazing opportunity. We are hosting a book presentation of “The Econocracy” together with Cahal Moran, one of the authors of the book.

Join us for a presentation of the book and a discussion about its main theses. The book was published earlier this year. It is a fervent defense of democracy in the face of economic disaster and a powerful plea for a more critical economics curriculum at our universities.

APEG is very excited to have Cahal here with us in person. We are hoping for an interesting evening with insightful discussions while also learning more about the flaws of the current economic system and furthermore being able to understand the complex issues of our economy a bit better.

The way in which the economy works has an influence on all of us in our everyday life. This became painfully clear to all of us surrounding the debate around Brexit and the outcome of the referendum to leave the EU. Right after our event the German Society and the PIR Society are hosting a panel discussion on the rise of the far right in Europe, you just have to walk a few steps and join them for an interesting discussion.

You know us, refreshments will be provided. We are looking forward to seeing you all there!

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Movie Screening: Network

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Tuesday 28th February at 6pm till 8pm in NK03 New Kings.

“We’re in a lot of Trouble!”

Are you worried by fake news? Not sure who to turn to? Where to get news and information you can trust. We give you Howard Beale, he won’t give you the saccharine objective truth which won’t challenge or enlighten, but the raw insane gonzo gospel, an angry prophet denouncing the hypocrisies of our time!

A film from 1976 which is as relevant now as it has ever been, possibly even more so.

Come. Watch. Discuss.

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Movie Screening: Freakonomics

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Wednesday 15th February at 6pm till 8pm in NK03 New Kings.

We are happy to announce our second movie screening this semester. Freakonomics is a movie which tries to explain the field of economics and discovers that it studies more than simply economies or businesses, it can also help explore human behavior and how it reacts to incentives.

Economist Steven D. Levitt and journalist Stephen J. Dubner host an anthology of documentaries that examines how people react to opportunities to gain, wittingly or otherwise. The subjects include the possible role a person’s name has for their success in life, why there is so much cheating in an honor bound sport like sumo wrestling, what helped reduce crime in the USA in the 1990s onward and we follow a school experiment to see if cash prizes can encourage struggling students to improve academically.

Snacks and drinks will be provided.
We are looking forward seeing all of you and invite you to stay for interesting discussions after the movie.

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In the Long Run We Are All Dead: Keynesianism, Political Economy, and Revolution

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Verso has a new hardback by Geoff Mann.

This is as useful new book on the relevance, impact and significance of Keynes’s General Theory. And it is on offer at a discount along with a free e book version as well. However along with this book there is a separate and free e-book by the same author providing a guide to Keynes major work so even if you don’t buy the main book the e-book guide is completely free and would be very useful to students, staff and APEG members and supporters.


Richard Wolff on Marx

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One of the worlds eminent Marxist economists spoke to acTVism, about Marxist economics and it’s relation to education and our current political problems.

We have our own Reading group on Marx coming up, if you are interested please sign up on Facebook or contact us