June Workshop Schedule

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This event happened in June 2016


Day 1, Friday 24th June.

Day one will set the scene. Immediate reactions to the referendum will be followed by an opening session on the importance of theory in understanding the state. The workshop will therefore begin with an immediate reaction to the outcome of the referendum which will provide a background set of political and economic issues and practical implications against which an opening analysis of state theory can be developed.


Registration & Bookstall & Coffee


Day 1, Welcome & Introduction

Why a workshop on the State? A theoretical understanding of power and the state will be presented as essential in the historic context of the referendum outcome


Session 1 – Panel: Referendum Outcome

Initial reaction: commentary and discussion. A series of short initial assessments from different perspectives on the constitutional and political issues emerging from the referendum and implications for the British State, Scotland and the EU from speakers, to be followed by questions from participants and discussion.


Session 2 – The State, Past Present & Future

State theory, states, and state power

Speaker: Bob Jessop.

University of Lancaster


Session 3 – Discussion

An open discussion on state theory in the context of the EU referendum result.


Wine Reception

Finish 20:30

Day 2, Saturday 25th June.

Today will begin with a reprise by George Kerevan, journalist, political economist and MP of the referendum outcome and the main issues and challenges confronting the British and Scottish economies in which the state is implicated followed by a case study of energy, the environment and the state. Discussion will then continue on the theme which ended Day 1 of exploring how theoretical work on capitalism, power and the state can assist us in understanding these issues.

Finally a second panel discussion will conclude the workshop, bringing the theoretical expositions and empirical issues together in a final discussion focusing on practical political implications. This session will include all the speakers and address issues emerging from Day 1 and those which arise during day 2.


Registration & Bookstall & Coffee


Day 2, Welcome & Introduction


Session 1 – Referendum Outcome II

With the results of the referendum now 24 hours old and opinion flooding in, this session will review reactions and reflect on the challenges facing British capitalism, the European Union and the state.

Speaker: George Kerevan.

Journalist, economist and MP


Session 2 – Oil, Energy & the Environment

Oil, energy and the environment are never far from the economic agenda in Scotland and Aberdeen in particular. This session will address the implications of the European debate for energy policy and the prospects for and obstacles to a green energy led industrial renaissance.

Speaker: Brian Parkin.

Research Fellow, University of Leeds


Session 3 – Power and Hegemony

Learning from Marx, Gramsci and Foucault with a case study; Changing nation, state and power in China/Hong Kong:

Speaker: Ngai-Ling Sum.

University of Lancaster




Session 4 – The Necessity of Nation-States for Capital

Speaker: Neil Davidson

University of Glasgow.




Session 5 – The State, Economy, Power and Political Practice.

This final panel discussion with contributions from participants will respond to issues raised during the two days with a focus on applying the theoretical framework on power and the state to derive practical interventions.



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