1st Reading Group – Marx

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Wednesday 8th February at 4pm till 6pm in NK11 New Kings.

Aberdeen Political Economy Group is proud to announce the start of a series of reading groups featuring different authors which are relevant to the fields of economics and politics. We will start off with an introductory reading group to Marx’s Capital Volume 1. Together we will strive to find out how Capital might still help us to understand economics today. We will try to get a grasp on Marx’s very special style of writing and his very particular approach to economics. This is is a group for everyone who is interested in finding out what Marx was getting at and in critically discussing his ideas. No prior knowledge is required and everyone is welcome.

The reading group will meet every two weeks on Wednesday afternoon from 4 – 5.30 pm, starting with our introductory session on February the 8th 2017. We will announce each session separately beforehand.

We will be using various resources during the group. First and foremost, of course, the famous Capital Volume 1 written by Karl Marx himself. We will use the penguin books version (with an introduction by Ernest Mandel), which can be found on Amazon

Furthermore, David Harvey has written a very helpful book, “A companion to Marx’s Capital”, which we will also use frequently during our sessions. It can also be bought on Amazon, or on Verso following this link:

Apart from that, David Harvey has a very insightful lecture series on the Capital which is available for free on Youtube

For our first session on Wednesday the 8th of February please read the introduction to Capital Volume 1 by Ernest Mandel and the introduction to Harvey’s “Companion to Marx’s Capital”. We look forward to interesting discussions and critical reflections! See you on the 8th of February!

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