About APEG

The Aberdeen Political Economy Group (APEG) membership includes undergraduate and postgraduate students from the University of Aberdeen, along with staff mentors and members of the general public. This initiative has been prompted in response to demand following other Universities throughout the UK and the rest of the world which have challenged the narrow basis of the contemporary teaching of economics.

By political economy we mean approaches which view economic processes as dynamic and embedded in social relations that need to be analysed in the context of historical considerations, power relations and social norms. Significant are the roles of effective demand, social structure, institutions, social class and social conflict in economic analysis. Contemporary political economy also emphasises the importance of gender, the environment and cultural and ethical considerations.

Although there are significant differences between specific political economy approaches, they tend to cross the boundaries normally occupied by traditional Economics in conjunction with other disciplines including Politics, International Relations, Sociology, Anthropology, History, Geography, Philosophy, Law, and other social sciences. The group is therefore intentionally interdisciplinary. 

APEG underpinning aims are:

  • To create a pluralistic interdisciplinary forum where all brands of political economy are welcome while promoting discussion and debate.
  • To encourage the sharing of ideas, resources and materials related to political economy approaches.

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