The Committee



Liliann Fischer

I am a postgraduate student in Global Conflict and Peace Processes. During my undergraduate in International Relations I became increasingly despaired with the total lack of alternative approaches in our Economics classes and when I had finished my degree I took some time off to read and look into some of those approaches. I see APEG as a forum where the dialogue that is so severely lacking in the discipline of Economics can take place and where people with different opinions can meet and discuss. Join our events, everyone and every opinion is welcome!



Kevin Mulhern 

I am a mature student on the first year of a joint Economics and Legal Studies degree. My interest in APEG comes from having watched the economic crisis unfold in Aberdeen, I feel there is a lot of work to be done to challenge our current understanding of how the world works.

Outside APEG I am also involved in the Computing Science Society, and the 57North local hackerspace, where I have a interest in how society and technology interacts.



Márk Vitkovits

I am a third-year student of Economics and International Relations. Throughout my first two years I have been missing a forum for non-prescribed discussion of the concepts I have encountered, questioned or disregarded during my courses. To me, APEG represents a medium that facilitates this discussion, helps overcome detachments in the University milieu, and brings together a group of keen individuals to share and debate ideas freely.

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Regina Kolbe

It was the burning desire to learn and understand as much as I can about our current global political and economic framework which led me to Aberdeen University in 2014. Ever since I started my degree in Economics and International Relations, I have come to realise that each bit of knowledge gained entails at least two new puzzles to solve. I joined APEG in order to keep up with my quickly growing stock of questions within the field of Political Economy and have found it to be a wonderful platform for meaningful research and lively debates.


Social Media Officer

Lukas Andreas Oitzl

I am a 3rd year Politics and IR student. The reason why I joined APEG is because in times like ours it is vital to have a broad horizon to any kind of issues. I feel that APEG is a great platform to share one’s beliefs and opinions and have discussions and debates about them. Although I am new to this group I enjoy it a lot already and I think APEG as well as me can benefit.

Besides studying I enjoy it to cook and bake for my friends and family. It makes me happy when we all come together and share a good meal and have some interesting conversations.


Ordinary Committee Member

Keith Paterson

If you would like to get in touch with the board, you can contact us by the usual means.