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Is Populism an Economic Problem?

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There are many reactions to the current rise in populism, and one which is considered in The Guardian’s Politics Weekly Podcast last week, was Should economists share the blame for populism?.

Looking at the Brexit and Trump votes in the context of the current economic situation, the turn to populism and alternative to the orthodoxy, is driven by a deep dissatisfaction with the current status-quo, is this a reaction to the current economy, there is a diversity of opinion on the panel.

Ann Pettifor is uncompromising in her criticism of the profession, She released a new book this Month The Production of Money.

At the and of the podcast the academic teaching of economics is brought up and what constituted the body of knowledge taught to students, this again was met with a diversity of perspectives from the panelists.

Next month we have Cahal Moran to talk about a book he co-wrote  The Econocracy, which is predominantly about the academic economics profession.

Richard Wolff on Marx

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One of the worlds eminent Marxist economists spoke to acTVism, about Marxist economics and it’s relation to education and our current political problems.

We have our own Reading group on Marx coming up, if you are interested please sign up on Facebook or contact us


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After nearly two years of silence Adam Curtis, the filmmaker, created a new blog post to go with a new film, which will be out on BBC IPlayer this Sunday.


“…these stories are woven together to show how today’s fake and hollow world was created. Part of it was done by those in power – politicians, financiers and technological utopians. Rather than face up to the real complexities of the world, they retreated. And instead constructed a simpler version of the world in order to hang onto power”

Sound familiar? I for one am looking forward to it. If you know nothing of Adam Curtis, watch the trailer and search out some of his previous work.

Danny Quah – The Liberalisation Delusion

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During our State event yesterday I was reminded of this speech and said I would share it with you.

Prof. Danny Quah, Li Ka Shing professor of economics in a speech at the Lee Kuan Yew School’s 12th anniversary event. Liberalisation as a model of international prosperity, borrows it’s precepts from many places. Professor Quah provides a personal account of an education in the heart of the liberal west, and questions the validity and even the reality of this model.

Mark Blyth, Chris Hedges, On Contact.

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Mark Blyth, Professor for International Politcal Economy talks to Chris Hedges on his show On Contact. A frank and powerful walk through the current global economic situation specifically around austerity and it’s repercussions. Exploring the specious arguments, around the effects of austerity to society, including student debt.